Tiger wears RED because of his mothers influence.

by Mitch
(Chonburi, Thailand)

Tiger wears red I suspect on Sunday because in Thailand each day of the week represents a different color as per Buddhist tradition. On Sunday the color to wear is RED. I thought this was unusual but I asked many of my Thai students and they all confirmed that Red is worn on Sunday's to the temple. I have lived and taught in Thailand for three years and I have seen the respect and reverence towards the religion. In the end Tiger is simply doing the Thai thing and honoring his mothers Thai heritage and tradition by wearing red on Sunday.

Well said Mitch. This had been expressed to me after I had posted this article. Yet it is fascinating the perfect coincidence. Red is by far the most dominant color. As I post this I'm watching the Detroit Red wings, covered in deep Red jerseys, play the Pittsburgh Penguins. they may not win but they sure are dominating.

Thanx for the input.

Wade Pearse
Mental Coach

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