Why Tiger Wears Red on Sunday

by Ray Russell
(Bangkok, Thailand)

As a teaching professional I do appreciate your views on the topic of Tigers red shirt for Sunday and in any other situation it may be true. For Tiger it may also be true but if so it is secondary to the principle reason.

As many would know Tiger mother Katilda (I think spelling is correct) is from Thailand. What many people don't know is that it is a Thai believe that each day of the week is represented by a colour.

As you might have already guessed Sunday is "Red" day and it is out of respect for his mothers culture that this symbolic gesture came to be.

Glad we could shed some light on this for you.


I had heard this recently and it makes perfect sense. Even if my original assertion is incorrect as to why he wears red on Sunday it is interesting how all the things that assist him in excelling are in his life. And he either consciously or unconsciously is making use of everything to his advantage.

What I find interesting is how he virtually owns that color on Sunday as almost no other player wears it. Or even "dares" to wear it!

Yet recall Rocco Mediate in the last US Open...he wore red and went toe to toe with Tiger...

Great post Ray, thanx.

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach

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