Why Tiger wears red

by Hans

Tiger Wears Red on Sundays

Tiger Wears Red on Sundays

As we all know that Tiger's mom is from Thailand. It is custom for the people of Thailand to wear a different colour for everyday of the week. Yellow on Monday, Pink on Tuesday, Green Wednesday, Orange on Thursday, Blue on Friday, Purple on Saturday and guess what, red Sunday. Maybe that's why he wears red on sunday


Thanx for your comments Hans,

It is true regarding his Thai roots and the colors he wears. In te past I had written an article with my own speculation regarding red and al sports and specifically Tiger.

Imagine if the Thai color for Sunday was bright yellow, would that be as intimidating? :-) As well know now he has to do more than wear cool colors in order to get back to where he was...

Wade Pearse
Mental Game Coach

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