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What is golf psychology? How is it different from traditional sports psychology? The mental game coaching for golf is its own brand of psychology. Understanding how to apply it will determine your success as a player.

There is a certain mindset that each of us plays our best from. Your own unique brand of golf psychology will permit you to gain a clear path between your unconscious mind and your physical game. This is the key to personal peak performance in golf.

So what can you do to make this a reality? Most golfers seem to simply settle for whatever basic mindset they have habituated and do nothing to truly improve their mind. Why? The problem is two-fold.

Why so few golfers apply golf psychology in their game

The first issue is at the core of why only a fraction of golfers use their minds properly in their games. The sport psychology industry has made the information "seem" too abstract and conceptual and only to be used by top athletes.

The sense from most players who don't play professionally is that they can't really benefit from applying golf psychology in their game. That somehow it is only for elite athletes or very "serious" golfers. Or that the material is too complex and therefore can't be easily applied.

If people realized how simple it is to gain from effective golf psychology they would have done it years ago. Seriously, the problem is mainly one of perception rather than reality.

While it is true there are very few programs available on the market that cater to golfers of all handicap levels, there definitely are ways for you to use your mind to play your very best golf. One is to use the services of a mental game coach or "mind coach", as they're referred to on tour.

Golf Psychology Resources

Another method is to find material and mental game resources that show you exactly how to create states of inner excellence. What do I mean by this? You must find a coach who has the ability to transfer specific mental game strategies into direct personal experience and help you get into powerful and confident states.

This is the one thing very few sports psychologists know how to do. They may have a thorough "book knowledge" and hold PhD's, yet they lack that all important practicality that connects your potential with your golf game.

This is the main reason so few golfers employ their mind effectively. If you would like to learn how to direct your inner game into shooting lower scores and improving performance in every area of your game take a look at the mental game training course.

It is completely possible for every player of any skill level to develop their mental game and gain the true power of golf psychology.

There is absolutely no legitimate reason not to be using your mind properly in your golf game. Your game and how well you ultimately play will depend on how deeply you integrate your inner game.

Why wait, the tools are at your disposal. Take advantage of your natural abilities and talents and apply them in your game. This is what golf psychology is all about.

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