Masters Winner

I love anticipating the masters winner and doing the odd wager with friends. I am so excited about this years Masters tournament. It seems all the proverbial stars are aligned for a great event.

Even if you're reading this AFTER the tournament is over keep reading...The inner game was and is always on display at the Masters and watching the drama unfold is what golf is all about.

Who do you pick to win the Masters?

Don't you enjoy guessing and forecasting who will win the Masters? Especially when the field and potential drama is as high as this year!

The Masters gives each of us a birds eye view and deep insights into the character of a player and we get to experience, at least through osmosis, what the home stretch of the back 9 on Sunday at the masters is like.

Watching the exterior of the player and their mannerisms and commitment to their routine is what I enjoy noticing. As mental game coach I watch two tournaments. The one aired on TV and the one unfolding within and outside of each golfer as they wrestle with their heart and mind coming down the stretch.

Magnolia Drive- Enjoy the Masters Ride...

Imagine you're driving down Magnolia drive preparing for your tee time at the tournament. What would you feel? What would be running through your mind? Excitement? Nervousness? Fear? Exhilaration?

Ok, you may not have this experience but you have your own Masters when betting with colleagues/friends or playing in matches and tournaments yourself. Managing these emotions and channeling them is paramount.

Nerves are an asset and when they get converted into anticipation and joy you have reached the golden mental state. The players, even at the highest level, that can play from this state always perform the best over the long term and especially over the last few holes.

Watch the signs of each player and enjoy the Masters winner as he puts on the green jacket!