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Match Play Golf:I've openly stated to friends and many clients that match play golf is my favorite kind of golf. It requires the utmost attention to state management. Maintaining inner balance while using your mind effectively beats a steady drum toward victory!

If you've watched any of the Ryder cup you'll witness the contrasting emotions and mindsets of the respective combatants! I love the mind games in match play.

Unfortunately there isn't as much of it nowadays as there was in the Seve Ballesteros and Paul Azinger days. You have to admit that was entertaining to watch, if you did see any of their matches!

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Match Play is the ultimate mind game!

Match Play golf provides each of us a great way to experience one of the more unique forms of competition. There is something more intense about head to head match play. Many players feel that it isn't a fair test of golf. Claiming that only stroke play truly measures a players skill.

I disagree! Match play is like a cauldron of competitive pressure and tests your game in a different way, that's all. I can bet many of the Americans are feeling this way right now after getting trounced once again.

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You might choose whatever method you have for remaining calm and centered. Like "playing the course" or "treating it like any other tournament" or maybe the classic "I'm just gonna play my own game and not worry about him".

If you've watched or played match play enough you know these wimpy mindsets don't work very well. Match play demands a lot more of your mind and places pressure on almost every shot you take, if the match is close. This is why many players don't like it. It is just too intense. match play golf image

It also has constant and often quick reversals that are devastating if you're on the wrong end of those momentum swings. You can be 2 up with 4 to play just cruising along and dunk one in the water. Lose the hole and then the guy pours a birdie in on you on the next hole to square the match with 2 to play...

The Ryder cup is a match play spectacle

If you've competed at even the most basic level in golf you know things can turn on a dime. What was once complete control and confidence can evaporate into a cloud of uncertainty! All within just a few holes. Even within one hole or maybe just one bad swing!

This is what makes match play golf so fascinating. The other side of the momentum swing can have you 3 down with 4 to play and yet still legitimately have a chance. Every player has to face their own demons which often appear when holding a big lead. So that comfortable lead can slip away very quick.

match play golf event photo

Yes match play does let you "get away" with a few more bad shots, but in the end they will cost you the match just as much as they will in a stroke play event. You still have to hit the shots. And the pressure is unrelenting so your state of mind is consistently examined throughout the match.

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In the final analysis match play golf is about managing your state. How you maintain that inner calm and clear focus while pressure mounts. Learn to love it. There truly is nothing like it for internal drama and enjoyment!

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