Mental Golf Lessons and Skill Improvement

Have you taken any mental golf lessons before? If so, congratulations, you're in the significant minority. If not, why? There seems to be a prevailing perception that mental game instruction is only for "great" players or people who already play well.

Nonsense! In fact I will argue it is the exact opposite that is true. Beginning a solid mental game lesson program will dramatically improve your skill development. Your swing, and your ability to repeat it, will improve immensely.

Mental imagery is a fundamental aspect of a sound mental golf lesson strategy, yet very few players actually use it. And if they do they're not using it to its fullest capabilities. If you knew your scores would drop and your performance would measurably improve, what would stop you from taking mental golf lessons?

Mind/body golf approach

What prevents most players from tapping their potential and building a good mental game is basic a misunderstanding of what mental golf lessons are. Or that they probably cost too much.

As well, many people say things like, "I'm only a 24 handicap so I need to learn how to hit the ball better before I worry about having a good mental game." No, no! The sooner the better!

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The very first time I tracked my scores and got a legitimate handicap I was a 26. I dropped it down to a 3 without golf lessons. EVERY golfer can and should use their minds to its fullest and merge their physical instruction with it. Imagine applying mental game techniques and taking golf lessons...

I realize I might seem biased since I am a mental game coach, yet there is consistent evidence that people who use their minds properly and early in their skill development have a distinct advantage over those who don't. Look at Tiger Woods. He was using hypnosis and meditation as a child and heavily as a teen.

Mental rehearsal and playing your best golf

By practicing at night, while laying in bed just before going to sleep, you can actually improve your golf swing mechanics AND your scores. In my mental game coaching program I developed several advanced mental strategies that are so easy to use a child can do them. And they do.

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Your mind is a previewing machine and digs into your unconscious at times during your round. It does this naturally in order to produce the shots that you believe deep down you're capable of in that moment.

If you haven't provided your mind with enough positive, potent imagery, no matter how good you think your swing is it will crack at key times.

Your true potential lies in developing your mind and using it effectively in your game. You'll find that mental golf lessons provide the largest return for the smallest investment of ANY golf product/service you can buy.

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