Applying Presuppositions in Your Game

Note: Presuppositions => If you landed on this page on your first visit to this website please read this page first It's part I om Presuppositions. The following information will seem out of context if you don't! Now that we've explored presuppositions inside riddles let's see how they can be applied in the greatest riddle of all...your golf game.

This is admittedly a very advanced area of peak performance coaching. Not because it's really that complicated but because it is so elusive. It is my goal to assist you in maxing out your mental game so I'm pulling no punches. Stick with it and the payoffs will be enormous.

We are entering quantum golf here. The most advanced stages of mental game mastery. If you are interested in knowing the 4 stages of mental game mastery my mental game home study course details them.

If you look at a green while preparing to hit your shot there are several ways you could perceive this moment. You could glance at the trouble near the green, you could say to yourself, "don't hit it left", you could pick a spot on the green to shoot for, you could aim right at the flag.


You might focus on your swing mechanics and settle into your pre-shot routine. It is also possible that you focus on your nerves if under pressure. The list is endless of course.

Yet each of these has its own affect on the results you experience. Each one might generate a different swing. So what is a person to do...?

Target Focused Language

Use presuppositions in your inner self talk. When you look at the green first and foremost choose a target. A specific target. Take dead aim, as Harvey Penick would say. If you say to yourself things like " hit the right half of the green" and/or "Hit that soft little draw in balance."

These statements direct the attention beyond swing mechanics, green-side trouble, hazards and any other distraction that might be present.

When we speak to ourselves in target focused language our unconscious makes the assumption that our swing isn't the concern. It presupposes that we have the ability to actually hit it where we are aiming.

It makes no difference if you're a 29 handicap trying to hit it over water or a PGA tour veteran standing in the 18th fairway with a chance to win. Being target focused is the key.

You want to habituate this kind of internal dialogue. It stimulates all of your inner resources into action and calls them into your game. Once you get skilled at consciously directing your attention, through the use of well designed presuppositions, you will hit shots that seem miraculous at times!

Yet after a while it won't seem so amazing. It will become the norm. So what was previously just a wish now becomes your golfing reality. Complete the section on presuppositions here.

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