Mastering Presuppositions

Make sure you read this first before continuing! It won't make sense if you haven't read it!


You are not wondering what to do. You are not concerned about the trouble that is near the green. Your focus has placed your mind into a fully mobilized resource state.

This kind of language taps into unconscious frames of reference for the situation you face. Your mind is naturally being directed toward producing your desired result!

These presuppositions place the mind into your inner zone. It implies you are able to do the things you are focusing on. Therefore your unconscious goes to work to bring up the best internal state to create the swing that will produce that result.

Welcome to true peak performance.

If this seems too simple and no big deal then great! Enjoy it. If, like me, you sense a need to learn more before applying it properly, there is more you can do. For now just keep using internal language that is target focused. You will gain the benefit without having to understand it all.

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Do this on each shot. I do it every time I putt. I'll say "hit it right edge". Or "inside left". It will be very specific. This implies I have no concern for how hard to hit it.

My unconscious simply calls up the exact stroke necessary to cover the distance my eyes are sending it. When I allow this process to flow I putt lights out.

Making it all happen

I remember a round I played a while ago. I was in a great state and effortlessly applying the processes I'm sharing with your here. Well as it turned out I hit only 5 greens the whole round.

Now why would I mention such a paltry stat to highlight the effectiveness of using presuppositions and other techniques? As you know there is more to golf than hitting perfect shots...

I birdied 4 of the 5 greens I hit. In anyone's terms that's an insane stat! The last green I hit I parred. All in all that day I had 9 one putts. This meant that my misses were in the right spot to get up and down more often than not.

Another area that presuppositions are powerful is in setting goals in golf .

If you say "I will shoot 77 this year and your previous best was 80, then it presupposes you will shoot at least 79 or 78! Always phrase your goals beyond what appears to be possible to you in the moment. So even though you'd be happy shooting 79 and breaking 80 you are far better off focusing on 77.

This will tap your full potential and move you right through 79 and even 78. Take some time to explore presuppositions in books you read and especially news stories. They are filled with these embedded presuppositions that direct the mind toward certain viewpoints.

Once you get a handle on this you will appreciate the power of using constructive internal dialogue while you play!

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