Ryder Cup Clothing

Ryder Cup Clothing - Those of you who are frequent visitors to my blog and website may have read my article called Why Tiger Woods Wears Red. You can go ahead and check it out so you know what this post is all about.

As you know from the article, red is a dominant color and is worn by the majority of ultra successful people/sports franchises, statistically. Do you believe the color choice for the Ryder Cup Clothing for the US team was random? I think not. They definitely chose red for the last day well in advance. The classic Tiger Sunday colors...black pants red shirt.

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Look at the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Team Canada (when they won the Gold last and were wearing white when they didn't). The Chicago Bulls, and there are numerous European soccer teams as well. It's an obvious stretch to say because they wear red they win, but the effect on the opponents is where the power of colors lie...

Stacking the Odds

You may think all this is silly yet when you do research, as I have, on the effects of the environment on performance, you'll soon change your mind. It's been proven long ago that if you paint a room a certain color it directly affects the person/people in the room and there resultant behavior.

If you put a world class weight lifter in a pink room he won't be able to lift the same amount of weight. Interesting isn't it? And the internal responses (all completely unconscious, of course) that colors can create weren't missed by the US team. Even if they wouldn't openly agree to such an "outlandish claim".

Go ahead and read the why tiger woods wears red post along with the several replies I received. Although there clearly is no evidence Tiger wears red due to my theory, it is interesting how many "winners" do wear red in sports. It's intelligent to stack the odds in your favor, don't you agree?

The choice for the Ryder cup clothing was no accident and kudos to the US for using everything in their power to stack the odds in their favour. After all, it's been a long drought...

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