Ryder Cup Pressure

Ryder Cup pressure has to be the height of competitive pressure in golf. When you feel like you're playing for others, in a game that is decidedly solo, it ads another level of intensity to each player.

The demands on the mind are great yet how does each player go about dealing with it? in fact some players don't feel the pressure near as much as others. Some thrive off the fire the Ryder cup pressure provides.

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So as you watch the tournament notice as much as you can about each players tendencies. View the golf from a different place and pay attention to the speed they move through their routines as the pressure mounts.

Perform or Perish

Often when the pressure is greatest it is self inflicted. The amount of pressure each player "takes on" is self determined, all be it unconsciously. The way in which a player communicates with himself is the key here. Jack Nicklaus always felt less pressure hitting the shot than watching someone having to hit that shot.

Players sometimes carry a sense of impending doom if they don't perform to their own or others' expectations. This greatly increases the sense of pressure and brings on the very thing the player wants to avoid. It's a perform or perish scenario. In a very real sense you attract what you feel the most on a deep level. ryder cup trophy picture

The images and innermost sensations of how you'll perform can amplify performance anxiety and directly inhibit performance, for some players. Yet still others thrive off this feeling. So what's the difference and why is it so different for each player?

Because our minds are all wired differently due to the repetitive images, sounds and feelings we represent to our minds on a daily basis. Specific, experiential processes can develop an unstoppable confidence and a love for the intensity of golf pressure.

What are the moments in golf where you feel like you're experiencing Ryder Cup pressure? Go to school as you watch the tournament and you'll learn valuable lessons for your own inner game.

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