State of Mind Golf Exercise

Note: If you have arrived here and this is the first page you are reading the state of mind page is a great place to start! You will get the full value of the State of mind exercise by reading the previous 2 pages on State Management in Golf.

Simply follow the appropriate links along the way and you can do the exercise.

First I want you to recall a time when you hit a shot that rattled you. One that got under your skin more than most and negatively affected your state of mind. Now, once you have a memory that fits the bill ask the following questions:

Outer game questions

    1) What was happening around you?

    2) At what point in the round did it occur? ie; early or late in the round.

    3) Were you in a competitive game or just a casual round?

Make sure you are clear on the above before moving on.

Inner Game questions

    1) What were you saying to yourself within? - were you yelling or speaking quietly? Talking fast or slow?

    2) Where did you notice the feeling in your body the most? - was it in your stomach, your head, your chest?

Spend a few moments becoming aware of how you create anger. There are specific steps you follow to get yourself into that state. Special note: For those who want to make changes to their state of mind right now. Click on the following link and learn how to integrate and master State Management. mental game system into your game right away and begin making the changes you want in your very next round.

Stand up and break your state!

Ok, enough of that feeling! Shake that one out.

Now recall a time when you hit the shot of your life. You know, when you just buttered an iron right at the flag or drained a 30 foot putt to win. Whatever it is get a good one.

Now repeat the above sets of questions then return here.

Back so soon?! Ok let's look at what happened...

What did you notice as the basic difference between the 2 states? No, I don't simply mean the obvious that one felt better than the other! :) Specifically, as you relived each experience you likely noticed the difference between your self talk in each case.

When you were angry was your tone of voice different!? And your overall feelings in the "good shot" state, were they located in a different part of the body than in the "negative" experience? Some people find their sensations of anger and frustration locate in a specific spot and have a specific sensory quality.

The keys to your state

When you do a few of these exercises you soon become aware of how YOU actually create your own internal responses for everything that ever happens to you. When this fully lands in you your mental game will take a quantum leap toward mastery.

Yet with my approach to inner game mastery you will gain much more than to simply notice your tendencies. You will have the skills to design powerful and confident resource states and to experience them whenever you want. I'm talking about true mental game mastery here.

There is much more to this process and you can gain the skill of creating resourceful, effective and confident states that propel your game to its highest levels.

Many owners of themental game program return to this website time and time again as it continues to grow. Always on the leading the way in your state of mind in golf .

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