State Management in Golf is THE Foundation of Your Inner Game

State management in golf is a topic that can fill a book on its own. Everything we are doing here in developing the mental game revolves around managing your internal state, controlling your emotions and focusing your thoughts.

It won't matter how good of a swing you have if you don't know how to maintain a relaxed and focused state under pressure. You may have had the best golf instruction in the world and own thousands of dollars worth of the best clubs money can buy, yet if you don't practice good state management they'll become as useless as an umbrella in Arizona!

Just watch the last few holes of any major golf tournament and you'll see that the very best players in the world have un-ironed wrinkles in their inner game. They hit the shot they most fear at the wrong time.

It's like watching an exercise in state management. As you continue developing your own inner game you'll easily appreciate why this happens. More importantly you'll have the confidence building ability of channeling your potential and hitting the right shot.

What is a state anyways?

To understand the structure of a state is to have a key to unlocking your mental game powers. Beyond what you may presently even comprehend!

Let's take a closer look...

A state is the combination of the pictures, sounds, feelings (both internal and external), smells and tastes that are going on in you in any given moment.

Typically it is the 3 senses of sight, sound and feeling which make up the majority of our internal states. It is fascinating how just these few senses combine to provide us with the seemingly infinite variety of experiences in our lives!

The combination of our pictures, internal dialogue (and other sounds), and feelings form what is called a synaesthesia pattern. These merged senses link to other similar images that lie in our unconscious to form states that we experience on the golf course. Or anywhere else for that matter!

It all occurs beneath your conscious awareness.

So how does this impact your game you ask? In a few short moments you'll be wondering "how does it NOT influence your game"!This is how we experience pressure in golf. There's more on the topic of state management in golf here. Many people prefer to simply utilize the mental game system and begin improving their state management in golf immediately.

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