Manage your state and you'll manage to play well

Is your mental state prepared? Have you rehearsed your mental game approach to your round???

You're standing on the 1st tee, psyched to play. You casually set the ball on the tee and back off from the ball. "Geez," you say to yourself, "I can barely feel the club in my hands". You step to the ball without even a half-hearted commitment to a pre-shot routine.

You're an accident waiting to happen.

Your heart is pounding now and nerves course through your veins. "Ok, let's just blast this one and get it over with" you say with the hopes of shedding your nervousness. Swooosh! Clank. Boing.

Hmm, it looks like the accident just happened...

You don't even want to watch as the odds are your lie won't be great after rattling around those trees.

Ahh, such is the game of golf. Managing your state is of paramount importance at each stage of your golf game. Seasoned pro or rank beginner. The game is won and lost within your mind.

It's all a state of mind...

In the mental game course Minding Your Game I provide you with the most powerful step by step program for maintaining your optimal playing state. You'll gain that sublime gift that comes with having a solid mental game.

It'll become a habit to make the clutch putt when it matters most. Learn how to truly play within yourself. Hit shots under pressure and close the deal. The above link takes you to a page that details the list of areas that will improve for you.

Learning to control your emotions, access the zone, experience peak performance and other areas of the mental game are covered in the book.

As you apply one strategy in the peak performance section your state management improves. While integrating mental imagery into your inner game your ability to effortlessly step into the zone is improved. Each area reinforces the other.

This is very different from a swing training aid that focuses on one area of your swing and works for a brief time then winds up collecting dust in your basement! Or maybe it finds its way on to ebay...

Developing solid, practical mental game skills lasts a lifetime.

Your consistent application of these extremely simple, yet truly powerful strategies, puts you on the fast track to consistently shooting the lowest scores of your life.

On the following page you can try an exercise that builds your awareness of how you create your own experiences. Continue with the State of Mind Exercise

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