Using Your Unconscious Mind in Golf

Using your unconscious mind in golf is a big step toward playing your best golf. Getting in the flow and allowing your natural abilities to show up in your game happens when we have developed the relationship between the conscious and subconscious.

The heights of your skills don’t reside in your conscious mind. The legend Claude Harmon, the only teaching club pro in history to win the Masters, talked a lot about target awareness and stressed its importance in being able to score well.

Do you think Lee Trevino thought about his swing as he played? Or is it more likely he tapped his imagination and “played shots” as he saw them in his mind’s eye? From reading his material I know it is the latter. A noted sports psychologist calls it - See, Feel, Do. Notice you don’t see the word “think” in there.

The depth of your abilities, memories of personal excellence and feelings of confidence, all rest peacefully within your subconscious. These inner resources are stimulated into action by using your conscious mind properly. This occurs when we understand the relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind.

Thinking Isn't the Answer - Stillness Is

The understanding of how all of this works might seem complex but the actual experience of it is not. It is the most natural way to play, which is why you perform better this way.

Emptying your conscious mind clutter and playing in the flow can become a habit just like any other. It just takes the right understanding and a few simple exercises to make it all happen for you. Here's a great product for massively increasing your mental power and focus.

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By learning to focus and commit to a definite target for EVERY shot, you are directing the conscious mind properly and this immediately calls your subconscious into action. It then does what it is designed to do: scan your enormous database of resources and produce the right swing for the demands of the shot.

Your conscious mind asks while your subconscious answers. Sounds like a great relationship, don’t you think? Develop this natural relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind and the useless mind clutter you play with will become a distant memory. You'll be using your unconscious mind in golf.

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