Winning is a State of Mind

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Ok, let's continue... Our conditioned responses to winning build upon each other and become stacked making them even stronger. Our strongest states are what drive our actions the most. Remember, winning is a state of mind.

So what do you see as the likely outcome of holding on to a definition of winning like mentioned on the previous page? This may seem strange but the most probable outcome is for you to actually experience losing even more!

The key is to have an inclusive definition, not an exclusive one. This doesn't mean that victory loses its importance to you. Absolutely not! It does mean that you are constantly maintaining a positive mindset toward winning.

Winning is a habit, unfortunately so is losing

That was Vince Lombardi's excellent quote! Are you with me so far? If you want to have winning become a habit then you must first create an inclusive definition of winning. Winning is a state of mind. You want a definition that allows you to feel numerous small, yet resourceful wins which add to each other and increase your overall experience of winning.

This way winning becomes a habit. Master this mindset over time and it will become a habit and personal success will be as "easy" as playing poorly. There are multiple exercises in the mental game program that show you how to design empowering perceptions of winning which propel you to your own victories.

You see, the key to developing a powerful mental game involves the simple repetition of specific conscious exercises. You stack your feelings of winning, hitting great shots, shooting personal low scores, making cuts, winning tournaments, and taking your friends' cash at the end of the round.

This process builds a powerful self image as a great player and actually propels you to more and more wins. My clients attest to this and Olympic athletes confirm this process is THE best approach to creating wins in life.

Winning can become a habit!

If you are to have the experience of winning be a part of your game it must first feel natural within you. You make winning a state of mind. You must believe it before you see it. I recommend you read the sections on visualization and mental imagery if you haven't already.

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Practice makes permanent so you'll believe winning is a state of mind.

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